Hemorrhoids (Plies) are very common in general population. They occur in both men and women, and affect half of all people by age 50.There are several reasons people develop hemorrhoids Piles, including advanced age, constipation and straining, diarrhea, pregnancy and childbirth, prolonged sitting, obesity, and heavy lifting. Hemorrhoids may occasionally cause severe health problems due to blood loss. They can also be annoying and uncomfortable.

Clinical examination is generally sufficient in concluding diagnosis, however occasionally a colonoscopy is in order, to rule out other causes of bleeding. Minor symptoms can often be managed by bowel regulation using bulk laxatives. The surgical management has conbentionally included the removal of the pile masses. The procedure holds good for some complicated hemorrhoids till date. A significant majority of patients can undergo a Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoids (MIPH) with successful out come. The operation is carried out with the help of a device called 'Stapler'. It causes very little or no pain and has a quick recovery.